[Event Report]‟The 181st TCU-ARL Seminar” held

The 181st TCU-ARL Seminar was held on Friday, July 23, 2021. In order to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus, the seminar was delivered online. About 180 participants including students, faculty and staff members and general public attended the seminar and it was very successful event.


The Advanced Research Laboratories(ARL), Tokyo City University, consisting of the Institute for Innovation Researches, Institute for Future City Studies, Laboratories of Leading Professors, Unit of Prioritized Studies and Incubation Laboratory, is an organization that conducts research and education to realize the philosophy of TCU, “Human resource developments and academic researches for sustainable social developments”.


At this TCU-ARL Seminar, all research centers, research units and laboratories in ARL reported their achievements obtained in 2020.


As an opening remark, Prof. Kenichiro Nonaka, Director of ARL, addressed a summary of the research achievements in 2020 and future outlook.

Dr. Jing-wen Song, Research Assistant Professor, and Dr. Samim Mustafa, Postdoctoral fellow, presented research results of Advanced Retrofit Technology International Center(ARTIC), which was reorganized as an international research center in October 2020.

Center for Space Science, which was selected as one of Research Units of Prioritized Studies last year and newly established as a research center in September, reported their research achievements in 2020 as well as current activities in areas of "Development of Space Telescopes and Astronomy", "Space Education and Human Resource" and "Time-Domain Observation by Small Telescope”.

In total, 29 professors and researchers from research centers, units, and laboratories in ARL appeared as speakers in the seminar.

As a closing, Prof. Chitoshi Miki, President of Tokyo City University, gave his remarks including a comment on this seminar, history and future prospects of ARL, acknowledgements to the speakers and all members in ARL and TCU.  


We will continue to hold TCU-ARL Seminar hosted by each research center and laboratory, and we look forward to your participation.   

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