About ARL Research

Data Driven Design Research Unit

  • Smart City
  • Pedestrian ITS
  • Crowd Flow Simulation
  • Personal Vehicle
  • Drone Technology

The research purpose of this research unit is to develop a simulation system that evaluates mutual behavioral safety in a “Mixed Mobility Urban Space.” As currently envisioned, smart city development plans will be steadily promoted by Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and vehicle artificial intelligence (AI). However, it is also possible that such urban spaces will produce numerous accidents due to the mixture of pedestrians, cars, PVs, and logistic drones, etc. Moreover, existing pedestrian space safety evaluation methods cannot simultaneously evaluate crowd flow and vehicle behavior. This background provides us with opportunities to holistically consider urban space design and vehicle mechanical engineering. Some remarkable achievements resulting from the studies shown below will be presented in the system construction process.

Research staff

  • Professor • Unit Leader

    Hideaki Takayanagi

    Space Design, Ergonomics, Pedestrian Simulation

  • Professor

    Hideo Miyachi

    Visualization Informatics, Computer Graphics

  • Associate Professor

    Kazuma Sekiguchi

    Control Engineering, Drone Control, Nonlinear Control

  • Associate Professor

    Toshiyuki Sugimachi

    Automotive Engineering, Vehicle Behavior Evaluation

  • Associate Professor

    Yuichi Sueshige

    Urban Planning, Activity Evaluation

Research themes

The individual research themes and their characteristics are as follows:

  • a) Research on attribute settings for “Person/person” avoidance behavior and the construction of integrated simulation algorithms
  • b) Research on “Person/PM” and “Person/Drone” behavior modeling and mobility control
  • c) Research on image tracking technology for the behavior of “Crowd flow, PV, and vehicles”
  • d) Research on “Person/Vehicle” physiological and sensitive behavioral interfaces in urban space
  • e) Research on stay activity descriptions in “Crowd/Vehicle” congestion situations