About ARL Research

Advanced Food Process Research Unit


  • Foods for elderly people
  • Food processing
  • Evaluation of digestive properties

Japanese society is now facing the “100-year-life” time period. In recent days, the importance of meals and food has been increasing, which has resulted in diversified requirements for food functionality. The objective of the Advanced Food Process Research Unit is to develop novel processing technologies for high-quality food with various additional values, including food most suitable for elderly people and functionalized nutritional food. The basic concept of this research unit is “Designing food functionality” based on an advanced knowledge of food chemistry and food processing technologies.

Research Staff

  • Head of research unit, Professor Department of Chemistry and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering

    Ph. D. in Biotechnology

    Takashi Kuroiwa

    Bioprocess engineering, Food engineering, Emulsification & dispersion technology

  • Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering

    Suguru Shiratori

    thermo-fluid engineering, free surface flows, computational fluid dynamics

Research themes

Development of functionalized nutritional foods for elderly people using polysaccharide-based edible fine particles and digestion behavior simulations

Research topics

  • 1. Formulation and characterization of edible fine particles containing nutritional compounds with low bioabsorbability
  • 2. Control of physical properties for development of food for elderly persons
  • 3. Evaluation of food digestion behavior using a digestion simulator