About ARL Research

Future Intelligence Research Unit

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Biological Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

The missions of our research unit are (1) to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can solve real-world problems and (2) to understand biological intelligence (BI) through which animals achieve adaptive and flexible problem-solving behaviors. Through incorporating BI into AI, we pursue a new kind of intelligence of what we call "future intelligence." Research topics include (1) construction of virtual environments obeying physical laws, (2) development of AI systems for general BI tasks and (3) understanding of the biological mechanisms of how BI is acquired in the brain. We hope to advance a bidirectional understanding of AI and BI fields and propose a new interdisciplinary field of future intelligence.

Research Staff

  • Unit Leader・ Professor

    Hirokazu Tanaka

    Computational Neuroscience, Biological Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence

  • Professor

    Hirohiko Mori

    Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science

  • Professor

    Kenya Jinno

    Machine Learning, Evolutionary Computation, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Analysis