About ARL Research

Urban Green Infrastructure Research Unit


  • Green infrastructure
  • Basin
  • Environmental restoration
  • Disaster prevention
  • Community
  • Health / Stress management

It is expected that green infrastructure measures and business development will complement existing infrastructure developments by incorporating various functions of the natural environment in urban land use. These will include urban disaster prevention efforts such as preventing the spread of fire and preventing urban floods due to rainwater infiltration, along with other environmental issues such as mitigating the heat island effect, promoting environmental purification, conserving local natural resources, and facilitating recreation to achieve a combination of social benefits and public interest functions. Our research unit will proceed with research aimed at (1) improvement of the exposure and vulnerability of urban environmental pressures and reductions to development damage by incorporating green infrastructure, (2) the creation of comfortable living spaces and improvements to environmental real estate values, and (3) the promotion of local resident healthcare and community information.

  • Comfort evaluation of outdoor green space / Research on health and stress management for urban residents and workers
  • Examples of outdoor space utilization and city center area management
  • Evaluation of rainwater runoff control function and soil / vegetation environments in basin green space
  • Evaluation of ecosystem services in terms of mixed farming and housing / regional resource recycling

Research staff