About ARL Research

Urban Management Research Unit

  • Management
  • Community
  • Open space
  • Platform
  • Finance

Our research unit aims at the development of methods and frameworks to tackle emerging problems in urban areas, especially by focusing on Urban Digital Transformation (UDX) at two levels (community and city) as part of efforts to contribute to better urban and regional management.
At the community level, we will develop management methods that will allow residents to operate open spaces independently. More specifically, we will study the potential for community management of projects involving unused vacant lots. At the city level, we will study new management frameworks, including financing schemes, that will help local governments to realize their future visions – such as becoming a “smart city” or "super city". Hence, we will study urban management from both micro and macro perspectives.

  • Research on open spaces that have the potential to become places for diverse and voluntary community activities.
  • Research on advanced community management by acquiring and utilizing data.
  • Research on organizations and methods for helping residents to autonomously maintain and manage unused vacant city lot projects.
  • Research on study frameworks for urban transitions.
  • Research on new sustainable finance schemes to transform current cities into smart cities (particularly by focusing on the “Super City” concept being promoted by the Government of Japan.)

Research staff

  • Unit leader, Associate Professor,

    Koichi Kitami

    Marketing, Branding, Public Relations

  • Professor

    Fumihiko Okiura

    Program Management Research

  • Associate Professor

    Kyosuke Sakakura

    Community Management Research

  • Associate Professor

    Yuki Akiyama

    Spatial Information Science, Traffic Engineering, Data Science

  • Lecturer

    Noriaki Hashimoto

    Dynamic Capability Research

  • Professor

    Masaki Hamura

    Urban Innovation Research