About ARL Research

TCU research center for Management of INfrastructure maintenance and Disaster control


  • Management of infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Natural disaster prevention / mitigation
  • Sharing of scientific knowledge between academic and civilian communities

Inundation damage survey in Tamazutsumi / Denenchofu area due to the Typhoon Hagibis (Typhoon No. 19)

  • Smart management of infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • Controlling effects of intensifying natural disasters (disaster prevention / mitigation)
  • Research center for disaster countermeasures that contributes to the community by utilizing big data including information obtained from citizens

There are growing concerns among citizens over recent intensifying natural disasters that have caused tremendous damage to aging facilities and infrastructure. As a disaster countermeasure research base, we are working to build a framework to connect civic groups with the university and thus support the community by delivering academic information to the civilian world.

Research staff

  • Director / Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Kazuya Itoh

    Natural disaster science, Geotechnical engineering, Social system engineering / safety systems

  • Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Naoaki Suemasa

    Geotechnical engineering

  • Associate professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Takahito Mikami

    Natural disaster science, Hydroengineering

  • Engineer

    Tsuyoshi Tanaka

    Geotechnical engineering

  • Associate professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Takashi Goso

    Construction management, Disaster management, Administrative management

  • Associate professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Hidehiko Sekiya

    Bridge engineering, Steel structures

  • Associate professor

    Dr. Env.

    Yuki Akiyama

    Spatial information science, Urban / transportation planning, Urban geography


Disaster prevention and mitigation for city residents during a wide variety of disasters