About ARL Research

Research Center for Mineral Crystals

  • Mineral Crystals
  • Functional sportswear
  • Adaptive clothing for elderly

  • Current status and issues of nursing care in a super-aging society
  • Importance of health care for different types of elderly
  • Realization of a healthy and active society through physical exercise

In recent years, Japan has entered the stage of a super-aging society. As a result, the number of elderly people who need a variety of nursing care services has increased significantly. In addition, healthy seniors also need healthcare services. Our research center aims to elucidate the mechanisms of solutions formed by the combination of minerals and hot-spring water, which we called Integrated Functional Mineral Crystals (IFMCs). An increasing quantity of experimental evidence suggests that IFMCs are beneficial for improving the health status and exercise capacity of users. Our center has also been working on the development of functional sportswear and adaptive clothing for elderly persons.

Research staff

  • Research Center Director

    Takamichi Hirata

    Plasma physics, Device engineering, Materials engineering

  • Visiting Professor

    Takahiro Fujimoto

    Laser medicine, Electromagnetism, Plasma physics

  • Collaborative Business Partner

    Kenichiro Hatakeyama

    CEO of Teikoku Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Collaborative researcher

    Tomohiro Nomura

    Emeritus Professor, Osaka City University

  • Visiting Associate Professor

    Tomohiro Akiyama

    Integrated science, Environmental science, Nanoscience, High-energy physics

Research themes