About ARL Research

Research Administration Center (RAC)

The Advanced Research Laboratories (ARL), which were established in 2004 as university-wide research facilities for promoting research with distinctive features, have been positioned as the foundation for internal priority research since 2015. The ARL established the Research Administration Center (RAC), which provides support for the expansion of research centers, the establishment of new research institutes, further enhancement of basic research, and the facilitation of social implementation of applied technology, also intends to play a role as TCU ERC* in promoting extensive activities.

Research staff

Center Director: Kenichiro Nonaka, VicePresident

  • Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Coordinator

    Kimihiko Saito

  • Research Promotion Advisor

    Akifumi Suzuki

  • URA (Univ. Res. Admin.)

    Yoshihiko Bando

Research Administration Center (RAC) (established in April 2018)

<Primary Duties>
  • 1. Pre- and post-award services
  • 2. Assistance in promotion of research strategies


The purpose of the center is to promote academic research sophistication and social implementation of research findings in TCU by performing research support duties required for matters related to laboratory research and administration.


  • Matters related to research strategies.
  • Matters related to assistance in obtaining external funds.
  • Matters related to assistance in activities for industry-academia-government collaboration.
  • Matters related to trend surveys and analysis for science and technology policies.
  • Matters related to assistance for the individual institutes and centers in the ARL.
  • Matters related to holding of research meetings, including seminars, symposiums, and lectures.
  • Matters related to public relations and dissemination of information on the RAC’s activities, etc.