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  • Research about “PIPPI” Child Raising Support Center users
  • Cooperation related to Shibuya Welfare Center
  • Labor savings at nursery schools
  • Future Social Creation Business at JST

Until now, there has not been a local community platform connecting child-raising parents, nursery school childminders, university researchers, and companies producing childcare products. This means there has not been effective research on how to raise children. However, our Faculty of the Human Life Sciences has already achieved results through its “PIPPI” Child Raising Support Center.
PIPPI operates under this Faculty and the "Child Family Welfare Research Center," which was created to act as a hub connecting various childcare-related bodies and organizations. Through the center, questions regarding childcare problems and issues occurring at various locations are explored and answered, and items relating to child welfare are presented as research questions to be holistically and comprehensively researched. The goal is produce useful results that can be returned to society.

Research staff

  • Specific Researcher

    Sachiko Kameda

Research Purpose

Research about Child Raising Support Center (PIPPI) users.

The PIPPI Child Raising Support Center conducts online research aimed at determining the awareness level of its users. The goal of this research is to increase the level of the center’s effectiveness by gaining a better understanding of the child-raising problems faced by the current generation. From that point, the Child Raising Support Center will work to find even more ways to provide support.

Cooperation with Shibuya welfare

We established, promoted, and operate the "Shibuya Welfare Society" based on the outcome of a Universal Future Social Promotion Meeting with the Shibuya City Office.

The First Shibuya Welfare Society meeting was held on Saturday, Nov 17, 2018, at the Tokyo City University Shibuya satellite classroom. The theme was, “The future of welfare of Shibuya.”

Future Social Creation Business at JST

Led by research representative, Professor Shinya Hayasaka, the goal of future social creation business at the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) is to "realize a world-leading society in safety and welfare." Specifically, by ensuring the theme of "Bathing Navigation" comes to fruition through voluntary and independent evidence-based research and production.