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Wellbeing Living Lab Research Unit


  • Living Lab Approach
  • Open Innovation
  • Wellbeing Technology
  • Urban Laboratory
  • OYAMACHI Project

Established an off-campus research base "Wellbeing Living Lab," in the Oyamadai District. Realizing a platform to innovate daily life and social systems through collaboration with the community.

In order to fundamentally change the structure of Japan’s social system, it will be essential to establish new innovation methods. In this research, we aim to develop a management method for social system creation that promotes personal wellbeing using information technology. To accomplish this, we set up our “Wellbeing Living Lab” in the Oyamadai District of Tokyo’s Setagaya-Ward. This lab is designed to provide an experimental base for social technology developments that fuse cutting-edge technologies with visions for a sustainable next-generation lifestyle through collaboration with the local community. More specifically, we will promote design projects that tackle various regional issues together with people from various sectors. Through these initiatives, we will create an advanced ecosystem for local communities and build an innovation base that results in a new social system and civic culture to support the "super-aging- information society" of 2050.

Research staff

  • Associate Prof.

    Ph.D. (Media and Governance)

    Kyosuke SAKAKURA

    Community Management and Design, Participate Design

  • Lecturer

    Ph.D. (Engineering)

    Yuichi SUESHIGE

    Urban Planning, Area Management

  • Waseda Univ, Associate Prof.

    Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Information Studies)

    Dominick CHEN

    Informatic Engineering

  • Osaka University of Arts. Prof.

    Ph.D (Information Science and Engineering)

    Hideyuki Ando

    Telecommunications, Human Informatical Engineering

Research subjects

  • 1. Construction of an open innovation theory to promote urban social system transformations
  • 2. Study of an innovation base management method via a living lab approach
  • 3. Development of a participatory design method by local multi-generation stakeholders

Research themes