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Advanced Retrofit Technology Center

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Development of Advanced technology for maintenance of infrastructures

ARTC is developing inspection and diagnostic technology with high efficiency and high precision to achieve the appropriate maintenance for an aging city infrastructure. Our main research themes are the technical development for the longer life of the structure, such as 1) the construction of data-base to provide the information concerning the inspection and diagnosis of the damaged structure, 2) non-destructive inspection technology adopting an image and signal processing, 3) the development of the monitoring and measurement technique applying the latest MEMS sensor and so on, 4] the development of the repair and reinforcemen reinforcement technique adopting a new weld-bonding technology.

Research staff

  • Director Professor


    Takuyo Konishi

    BridgeEng, Fatigue, Mit

  • Associate Professor


    Hidehiko Sekiya

    Bridge Eng.

  • Reserch Assistant


    Samim Mustafa

    Earthquake Eng.

  • Reserch Assistant


    Muge Kuleli

    Earthquake Eng.

  • Visiting Lecturer


    Masayuki Tai

    Bridge Eng, Fatigue

  • Visiting Resercher


    Yusuke Koto

    Bridge Eng.

  • Doctor Student

    Shogo Morichika

    Bridge Eng.

  • Doctor Student


    Bridge Eng.

  • Doctor Student

    Mizuki Hayama

    Bridge Eng.

  • Under Graduate Students

    Yui Kobayashi / Chiyo Soba / Akane Niira


Joint Research,Commissioned Reserch

Metropolitan Expressway. Shutoko Engering , MEX Technology Center,JR Central,C-Nexco, EPSON,Kyowa Electronic Instruments,Tokyu Construction

Research Purpose

Research themes

1.NDT Technology

1.1ECT(Eddie Current Testing) Diagnosis Syetem

JSSC Award(2018),Newspaper
(Nikkan Kogyo18.06.19,Fujisankei Business 18.06.25,Daily Chemical Industry18.05.24)

1.23D Phased Array UT System

Nikkan Kogyo newspaper(18.04.19)

1.3Remote detection of bolt loosening

1.4Remote detection of concrete spallation
1.5Detection of crack opening in concrete structure
1.6Detection of fatigue crack from image picture

2.Monitoring Technology

2.1Application of piezo sensor for detection of fatigue crack

2.2Self powered Wireless monitoring System

2.3Eeath Quake Monitoring
2.4Monitoring of 3D deformation of OSD Bridge
2.5LORA Wireless Monitoring
2.6High Accuracy Bridge WIM with Image Detection
2.7Smart Bridge