About ARL Research

Advanced Retrofit Technology International Center (ARTIC)


  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • measurement
  • data science
  • risk


  • In the past few decades, the deterioration of urban infrastructures constructed after the war has become apparent, resulting in calls for action and investment to maintain them in a healthy condition.
  • The lack of proper infrastructure maintenance and management can lead to significant social and economic losses, such as accidents occurring with increasing frequency and severity that result in traffic jams/shutdowns, third party damage, and civic liabilities.
  • To promote a sustainable and resilient society, it is necessary to leverage the latest advances in science and technology towards providing comprehensive maintenance of aging infrastructures under live load conditions while simultaneously considering the possibilities of natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rain.

Research Goals

With the overall goal of promoting a sustainable and resilient society, we aim at developing practical and sustainable technology for rational infrastructure maintenance and risk management by leveraging modern advances in the science and technology fields of sensing, communications, and data analytics. Our specific efforts include:

  • Promoting advances in sensing, data acquisition, communication, and storage, which have provided tremendous opportunities for scientists and engineers to unleash the power of established domain knowledge, thus making it possible to understand and design systems that align with reality at unprecedented levels of precision.
  • Taking advantage of current possibilities to produce physical models of natural or engineered systems and thus be better and more quantitatively informed by the measured data in terms of their parameters, uncertainties, and variabilities. This includes ʻdata-drivenʼ models (e.g., artificial neural networks) capable of prediction or operation capabilities that would normally be difficult to formulate when based solely on domain knowledge.
  • Acknowledging that there is substantial room for improvement in the fields of infrastructure maintenance and risk management, we aggressively seek developments in theory, computational algorithms, and hardware technology in order to significantly improve capabilities for diagnosis, prognosis, and planning.

Role of this center

  • The Advanced Retrofit Technology International Center (formerly the Advanced Retrofit Technology Center) was established in 2013 within the Advanced Research Laboratories of Tokyo City University. Its main purpose is to advance the technical fields related to infrastructure maintenance.
  • This center is led by three professors, one associate professor, one research assistant professor, and one postdoctoral fellow.
  • Our main research themes include inspection, diagnosis, repair, and reinforcement technology for infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and port facilities. Our research and development (R&D) efforts promote the use of advanced sensor and data analysis technologies. We are also conducting R&D on infrastructure deterioration predictions and natural disaster risk assessments.

Research staff

  • Director, Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Ikumasa Yoshida

    Geotechnical, Structural and reliability engineering

  • Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Osamu Maruyama

    Reliability, Measurement

  • Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Hiromi Shirahata

    Steel structures, nondestructive inspection

  • Associate Professor

    Dr. Eng.

    Hidehiko Sekiya

    Maintenance, Measurement

  • Research assistant professor


    Jing-wen Song

    Structural reliability, Uncertainty quantification

  • Postdoctoral fellow


    Samim MUSTAFA


Advisor and visiting researchers

  • Visiting Professor


    Siu-Kui Au

    Measurement, Reliability

  • Visiting Associate Professor

    Stephen Wu

    reliability engineering, Bayesian inference

  • Visiting Researcher

    Dr. Eng.

    Masayuki Tai

    Steel structures

  • Visiting Researcher


    Yusuke Koto

    Steel structures

  • Executive Advisor, Founder, President


    Chitoshi Miki

    Steel structures, Bridge engineering

Main research topics

  • 1. External force measurement using the latest sensing technologies
  • 2. Determination of infrastructure deformation using the latest sensing technologies
  • 3. Fatigue damage detection using sensor technology
  • 4. Advanced bridge weigh-in-motion technology
  • 5. Estimation of the spatial distribution of physical properties
  • 6. Sophisticated natural risk assessment methods
  • 7. Deterioration of transportation infrastructure facilities and asset management
  • 8. Detection of fatigue damage using phased-array ultrasonic testing
  • 9. Axial force evaluation of corroded high-strength bolts

The above are just some of our current research topics, and we are engaged in a variety of other research activities.