About ARL Research

ARL has one institute and eight centers as its core organizations as well as the Specially Appointed Professor Laboratory, the Exploratory Research Laboratory, and the Incubation Laboratory.
Its research covers a broad range of fields including urban living, semiconductors, photovoltaic cells, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), electric vehicles, novel materials, green infrastructure, engines, urban engineering, robotics, family welfare, and bioengineering, and seeks to carry out social implementation of its research findings through multifaceted research activities.


  • MEXT- Supported Program for the Strategic Research Foundation at Private Universities
  • Strategic Innovation Creation Program
  • MEXT-supported Program for Branding of Private Academic Institution
  • Joint research with Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.
  • The nation’s eighth academic institution in the number of contracts with private businesses for commissioned research (MEXT survey)

Research Unit

Units of Prioritized Studies

  • Functional Amorphous MaterialResearch Unit
  • Sustainable Power Systems Research Unit
  • Nuclear Fuel-Fission Products Advanced Application ResearchUnit
  • Evolutionary Ecology and Paleontology Research Unit
  • Research Unit of Urban Riverfront Safety & QOL

Incubation Laboratory