About ARL Research

FUTURE-PV Laboratory

  • Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
  • Photovoltaics
  • Manufacturing cost reduction and efficiency improvement of solar cells
  • Development of various photovoltaic systems

The 21stCentury is an era focused on energy and the environment. In response to both themes, our FUTURE-PV laboratory is dedicated to the development of photovoltaic (PV) power generation system technology. In order to meet the goal of introducing 10 TW of PV power generation systems into the world by 2050, we aim to develop technology that is capable of realizing a generation cost of 7 yen/kWh or less. In order to achieve this research goal, we are researching areas such as semiconductor device technology, nanotechnology for microfabrication, physical phenomena in microscopic fields such as quantum effects, and outdoor power generation characteristics. In addition to general power applications, we are also developing applications for transportation systems and PV cells for use as independent power sources for IoT devices.

Research staff

  • Professor


    Makoto Konagai

    Semiconductor engineering, Solid state electronics, Solar cell materials, Solar cells

  • Visiting Professor Assistant Fellow


    Yukimi Ichikawa

    Plasma engineering, Semiconductor engineering

  • Visiting Professor

    Prof., Univ. Stuttgart

    Jürgen Werner

    Physical electronics

  • Assistant Fellow


    Toshio Hama

    Semiconductor engineering

  • Assistant Fellow


    Hiroshi Noge

    Semiconductor engineering, Quantum electronics

  • Assistant Fellow


    Kimiko Furukawa

    Research support

  • Assistant Fellow


    Masatoshi Kumada

    Semiconductor engineering

  • Assistant Fellow


    Masakazu Hirai

    Semiconductor processes

  • PDII


    Tsukasa Takamura

    Semiconductor engineering

Research themes

Development of super-high-efficiency triple-junction Si solar cells

Fabrication process of Rib-Si solar cells

High Voltage Bifacial Amorphous Si Quintuple-Junction Solar Cells for IoT Devices

Power generation characteristics of various solar cells and development of new application fields